How do I Consign at Cutie Patutie's?Cutie Patuties

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***Due to the overwhelming response to our Open Drop Offs, we are suspending all clothing and toy consignments for the Spring & Summer Season.***

Thank you for your understanding.

Consigning your outgrown items is very easy!

We have open drop off daily (7 days/week) between the hours of 10 am & 3.

All items must be clean, in-season (January - June = Spring / Summer, July - December = Fall / Winter) with no rips, stains, missing buttons or animal hair and free of odors. Items with multiple pieces or attachments need all pieces and all items must be in working order (batteries or light bulbs, if needed).

All clothing must be on plastic hangers. We have plenty of hangers in the store for your use.  To save yourself time we recommend picking up hangers beforehand, hanging your items at home (carefully inspecting and only bringing in items free of stains and rips). You may also hang your items in store.

Clothing and bags of toys are reviewed at a later date to meet our criteria. All unaccepted items are donated to local charities.

Maximum of 2, laundry baskets of clothing OR 13 gallon size trash bags of toys per day. Clothing go into our standard size laundry baskets, toys/misc go into 13 gallon trash bags. One bag counts as one basket. Example: 1 baskets of clothing + 1 bags of toys = 2 items per day.

We accept complete toys, games, books, unopened/unexpired baby food and formula, and gently used infant equipment. (All infant equipment must meet current safety guidelines. To check your equipment ahead of time go to and search for recalls by company.  See our Product Safety page for more information. All cribs/ high chairs/ etc must be under 5 years old to meet safety guidelines even if no specific recall is issued. All cribs/pack 'n plays/beds must be assembled by consignor.)

If an item requires batteries, or light bulbs, etc. it needs to have working batteries, or bulb, in it or it will not be accepted.

In addition you may bring upto two larger items such as (highchair, swing, stroller, play kitchen, etc) per day.

Consignor Accounts

All consignor accounts are updated automatically when items are sold. You can then use your credit towards a purchase at any time. In addition for consignors who choose to receive their payments as cash, payments are available during normal business hours by presenting a picture ID for any amount due below $100.

Checks are printed on the first of each month for consignors owed $100 or more and are available for pickup in store after the 1st.

Consignors may choose to receive their monies owed as store credit, and will receive an additional 5% of the selling price.

We accept items per season

  • January-June: Spring and Summer season (short sleeves, shorts, bathing suits, rain coats, sandals, etc.)
  • July-December: Fall and Winter season (long sleeves, heavy jackets, hats/ gloves, holiday wear, sweaters, boots, etc)
  • All items are donated if unaccepted or unsold within the consignment period (90 days). All items donated to local charities.
  • All consignor accounts are updated automatically when items are sold. You can then use your credit towards a purchase at any time. 
  • Consignors who choose to receive checks earn 40% for sold items priced below $75 and 50% for sold items priced for $75 or more.
  • To earn even more, keep your earned money as store credit to use towards future purchases. This can mean you earn enough from last season to buy new items for the season upon us. Keeping your earnings as store credit adds 5% to your payout. Store credit Consignors then receive 45% for sold items priced below $75 and 55% for sold items priced $75 or more.

Things to keep in mind

  • Unopened/unexpired baby food/formula is accepted
  • No chipped paint on changing tables, cribs, and wooden toys or furniture
  • Slats can be no more than 2 38 inches apart safety guidelines in all furniture
  • Lamps must have a working bulb in them
  • Bottles need to be clean and have a cover